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“Otwarte Drzwi” Foundation was established to achieve the goals of health protection, in particular in the field of civilization diseases of the 21st century, including counteracting the risks of oncological diseases, mental health, stress and diseases related to non-compliance with psychosomatic hygiene, and also problems related to procreation. In the area of ​​health, the Foundation is built by two teams, and each of them focuses on separate health issues with a wide social resonance, but ultimately the work of both teams is complementary.
Since December 2022, the Foundation has been a Partner of the Union of Baltic Cities – a leading, proactive organization mobilizing the joint potential of the member cities of the Baltic Sea region, which was established in 1991 (www.ubc.net).

Under the Foundation’s wings are developed projects that fit in with the goals of its activities:


technologies of infertility treatment

The innovative, proprietary program that has been developed for the Foundation offers comprehensive support for the entire family, not just an individual. We believe that prevention and treatment should include people in their natural environment, which is the family. The way of life, working conditions, diet, habits, relationships between individual family members affect health. Trusting the doctor and understanding the therapy, rules of conduct, and lifestyle modification are very important in the treatment of both acute and chronic diseases.

Our philosophy is based on a holistic approach to health and sustainable functioning in the field of everyday life. We are about to expand our activities to the area of ​​physiotherapy. Our attention will also focus on mitigating the effects of stress and mental strain. Our team will be soon supported by a physiotherapist, passionate about issues supporting psycho-physical balance and solutions that naturally affect maintaining or regaining health.

Diet therapy in insulin resistance

Pulawy branch

In August 2022, the Foundation’s Branch in Puławy was established. The team from Puławy focuses its work on the issues related to the increasingly frequent metabolic disorders, which significantly deteriorate the quality of life. Currently, work is underway on the Program related to insulin resistance, and its goal is to expand social awareness in this area and provide solutions and tools to support people struggling with this disorder.

The program covers such issues as:


Legal Services

The Foundation „Rozwiązywania Sporów” and the Pactum Association promote alternative dispute resolution methods. Bearing in mind the principle of cross-sectoral synergy, cooperation is carried out with both the public sector, the private sector and other non-governmental organizations. Business activity is also carried out, mainly in the field of advocacy – creating legal opinions and consulting, as well as legal education.